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Minify Javascript ? Google Page Speed Insights?


I know we can Minify the HTML and CSS in Webflow hosting / SEO tools in the project settings. I am working hard on getting my sites up to speed with Google Page Speed insights and it shows a request to increase speed to Minify the Javascript on my page. I can use some external tools but I am not certain I can effectively Minify all elements of my code simply through something like Uglify.js.

Does Webflow have any features or roadmap to be able to minimize the Javascript / Jquery of code in Webflow ?

Also… Google delivered me a file when I optimized my images etc.

It looked like this webflow.6ccdcdb32

Any clue how I can add this or where I need to add this file in order to make it effective >?

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I wouldn’t worry too much about Google PageSpeed. Here is a response from our CTO about this:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



I respect that but I know it adds value to end user experience and conversion as well. I also believe Google is going to implement speed more and more as a ranking signal along with security in the future.

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@JibbyFlow Considering WF sites are considerably leaner (and more secure) than Wordpress/Squarespace/Wix sites, along with the fact that there is a lot of research around how website “speed” actually affects your ranking:, I would focus efforts on actual UX and content of your website as opposed to appeasing Google’s heuristics based tool, which is extremely outdated and does not account for things like Responsive Images, and HTTP2, and SSL. All things that dramatically improve your site’s performance and security.

Sorry PixelGeek but this post from moz is very outdate(August 1st, 2013), we are in 2017 now and the rules of the game was changed.

Page speed is one of biggest factors for ranking on the SERP :wink:

Agreed. There is a lot of old material out there regarding page speed and rankings. The new stuff shows google does care and is already implementing it. It is a huge advantage for Webflow to be ahead of this for the future for its clients. We appreciate any improvements that could be made.