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Minify CSS should not be charged separately

I think Webflow should adhere to a policy of offering anything which makes a web site faster to be available with any plan.

Why? Because slow Webflow sites are bad publicity. Every site built on Webflow is an advertising means on its own. Therefore, speed should be top-notch. Also, given that speed is something which should be excellent by default, it is “a feature” out of discussion whether we should have it or not… It should be treated as a mandatory requirement, not as a bell or whistle to be charged optionally.

What do you think?

Completely agree, man. Love webflow for everything. Support team is unparalleled, mission is awesome, product is obviously so bad ass but this is the one thing that sort of pisses me off.

Optimizing my sites as much as possible to deal with the horrendous pagespeed rankings (webflow.coms own google pagespeed ranking is a D - grade) is already difficult enough and now having to consider a $20 upgrade to another account to simply minify my CSS.