Mindreading effect/trick with a load of interactions

Hi all,

I just wanted to show what I’ve built on my personal page using a load of interactions, flex box and a bit of 3d transform, all in Webflow and no code.

Please give it a go and try out the trick, you may have seen it before but it will be just a bit of fun for visitors to my site.


Let me know what you think! Enjoy!


Very nice! I was fooled but easily figure it out! Not going to write it here though cause I don’t want to ruin the experience!

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Haha yes, its easy figured out. It catches people the first time sometimes. Just a bit of fun and to show the interactions :grin:


Clever, and I love how you not only show off some great interactions but you are also reinforcing your magic abilities. Nicely done!


Thanks Mikey, that’s exactly the idea! I haven’t share it with anyone else yet other than Webflowers so will tidy up some more and see what the followers think

Nice work @magicmark! I like how clean the site is as well as the fun interactions!

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Thank you @Chavilah :blush:

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