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Mind is Matter - Client Site Launching Tomorrow

Hi guys,

I’ve just about finished a site for a client and I’m looking to get some feedback on it before we launch it tomorrow… The only noticeable bug that I’ve found is that when expanding the browser window from mobile scale to desktop, the navigation bar will sometimes reappear mis-aligned.

Thoughts on navigation, presentation, colour and layout are all welcome and appreciated.

Thanks in advance :grinning:



Hi joe,

Really nice site! Wouldn’t change anything except the navigation. On my iPad pro when scrolling some links in the navbar temporarily disappear (part of a second) to then come back. Also when scrolling down the navbar only appears when I stop scrolling.



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Thank you Tom. I’d ask if you could post a screenshot but probably not possible… The Navbar appearing is probably to do with the animation effect that’s on it.

Beautiful work. Very soft and welcoming. Well done!

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