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Min. Cart Order help

Hi! I want to get a 2nd opinion I’ve been facing with setting up min order to a webflow / shopify account. The client is using dynamic button which creates the embedded shopify cart. When working in Dev tools I’m having trouble capturing the class in order to apply any code. Because the element doesn’t show it’s self until after opening up the cart. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this. Ideally, I think localStorage or MutationObserver is what I’ll need to work with in order to keep customers from getting around less than the set min order. However, I’m having much trouble working with this dynamic embed thing.

Note: The client does not way to pay for an app, and in fact trying to move away from a current app - that as of recently let customers checkout with less than the min. order. While the app now has an update for this issue. They no longer wish to pay monthly for this.

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