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Milano Template: Homepage Image & Nav Bar Image Help

Hey all,

Quick question. I am fairly novice, but have navigated my way through pretty well.

I however, for the life of me, can’t figure out how to replace the homepage image (of the wooden table with the camera, tools on it. It’s the default image.)

The question is - are those 2 different images on the header and main body? When I change the background on the main body - the nav doesn’t change. Furthermore, the original image sits as the first layer under the new image I uploaded.

If they are 2 separate images and I need to align the body image to cut off to align with the top one - what are the dimensions?

Hopefully this makes sense to somebody! Attached is a screenshot.

Hey @hellodolo

Fist of all, thanks for purchasing Milano Template, im the author. Will be happy to help you, but will be great if u can share the public link of your project so i can take a look :smile:


Hey Deni!

Here you go:

Some more context: I thought the main image was connected to the top nav. Which is not the case. So I’m trying to slide a couple of images across (with the dots) and it isn’t working out.

Desired state: Make the top nav and bottom look like one image - and have it slide to the next image, with the same result. I am also getting a quick image of the wooden table when flipping through the dots.

Sorry if I shouldn’t be using this template (based on my experience) but I think I can figure it out!!

Thank you. Will be offline for a few hours.

Hey @hellodolo

Its easy to make, you have put image to the Nav and the Slide, just remove them and you all see again the image of original Milano template. So when all its clean, like before, just go to the:

Navigator (F) -> Banner

When you have click in Banner class go to Style (S) -> Background and just replace the photo slider3.jpg with your photo.

And all will look perfect :smile:

Hope this help!



I’m an idiot! Thank you so much.

Another question on this topic - is there a way to make the background change (including nav bar) - based on the nav dots?

Really appreciate the help.

Thanks again!

@Deni_1990, there is no way to make the background change based on the nav buttons/dots. What you can do though, is if you want a different background for each slider, is just to assign a different background image to each slide… On the Nav Bar background, you would have to use some custom code for that, to change the CSS of one element based on the click of another element, so that is not built into Webflow yet.

Cheers, Dave