Migrating website to webflow

client would like to migrate his page https://www.favorit.cz/en to webflow. Is there anybody who could help us with that? If so can you write me down estimates for this type of a job?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello @filipdanisko
That is some clean work ! :open_mouth:
Not sure you can import in Webflow, but there is plenty of talented people here to do it, though !

@filipdanisko, Would love to help. I can copy it exactly as-is to Webflow / Webflow CMS. Have some questions before I can price it out.

You have a wonderfully designed website by the way. Love the hover bike effect under the header.

Send me an email - joe@finsweet.com


I would be glad to help you also. I sent you a bid by pm.

Teresa :slight_smile: