Migrating to webflow.io Hosted Subdomains

Hi all,

Just a heads up, we will be migrating sites that you are currently hosting on our free subdomain ___.webflow.com to webflow.io subdomains next Tuesday, April 14th, at 5pm PST, after which all requests to subdomains hosted on .webflow.com will be 301 Permanent redirected to the .webflow.io subdomain.

We’re doing this to address security concerns preemptively. No Webflow accounts or Webflow hosted sites have been compromised, we’re just doing this now to protect Webflow against future vulnerabilities that are related to having 3rd party websites being hosted on our *.webflow.com domain.

Note: Custom domains will not be affected and will continue to function normally.

Actions to take: nothing if you are not utilizing our subdomain hosting. If you are previewing your designs on our subdomain, all requests will automatically be redirected to the webflow.io domain. However, if you have any text links pointing to a webflow.com domain on a website that you control, make sure you update it to webflow.io after we perform the migration as to not confuse users.

If you are worried about SEO to a site you are hosting on our subdomain, Google will respect the 301 Permanent redirect and your link juice will be preserved. However, it is recommended that you set up the site in Google Webmaster Tools under the new .webflow.io domain.


EDIT - we ended up delaying this migration to 4/20. 7pm PST. All requests to *.webflow.com subdomains will now be redirected to *.webflow.io


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