Migrating Multi-folder Wordpress to Webflow

Hi all,

My company is planning to migrate our website, which is currently hosted on wordpress to webflow.

I have a gist of how the migration process works thanks to the information I’ve found here in the community.

However, our wordpress is currently set up under two separate folders.

Meaning, we have one wordpress site with its own login, cms, etc. - https://domain.com - which is our main marketing site.

Then we have another wordpress site (same domain) but in a separate folder with its own login, cms, etc. - https://domain.com/blog - which is our blog.

All the info I’ve been seeing on the migration process is for single folder wordpress sites.

In our case, would we follow the same process of exporting all of our content (on both wordpress sites) and importing the content .csv into our single webflow site, then using 301 redirect to revise all the urls?

Thanks for your insights in advance!

Hi Sean,

It doesn’t matter that your content is coming from two different Wordpress instances.

In Webflow, you’ll need to create a CMS collection for each type of content that you are migrating.

For example, you’ll want to create a BlogPost collection to import the blog posts into. As for the marketing site, I don’t know what content you have there so it’s hard to help. Case studies? Products? Either way, you’ll want a CMS collection for each type, then you can import your content into each collection separately.

You’ll definitely need to create some 301 redirects, because you might not be able to reproduce the same URLs in Webflow as they were in Wordpress.

Good luck!

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