Migrating completely to Webflow eCommerce. Yes?

Dear Webflowers,

Hope all is well. Thanks for assisting me.

I’m new to Webflow and want to verify if it’s worth migrating.

I decided to stop spending money on development and want to make use of a robust eCommerce solution that will let us scale, and focus on marketing and sales.

Webflow seems like the ideal solution.

A little bit of context about the current setup and where I see Karmicare in the future.

https://karmicare.com/ is a custom e-commerce website, the front end is built using GatsbyJS and react, with SASS for styling.

The content is served from dato CMS, Stripe, and PayPal which is also used as the payment gateway. The backend is all served from Google firebase, with Firestore being used for the database, hosting, functions, and authentication. Google Tag Manager is used as a data layer and manages GDPR and eCommerce setup in GA. (Now that Google is migrating to G4 that whole setup needs to be rebuilt ($$))

Karmicare is missing a solid back-end solution where I can manage customers and fulfill orders .

Ideally I’d like to rebuild the current design in Webflow, and

  • make sure the day and night theme (which changes on time of day based on the users location, and via a toggle)
  • expand the custom checkout flow with subscription products based on usage or families (multiple people)

In the future I want the website to

  • let dentists log in and place their orders
  • let dentists receive a commission when they get their patients on a subscription
  • manage inventory and fulfillment in multiple locations

I also wonder if Webflow integrates

  • with the popular social media advertising platforms? (Meta, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, etc…)
  • marketing platforms like Hutspot?

All suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated.

In gratitude,