Migrating a page with page load animation to a new project

I’m migrating a page I designed from one project to the next. All of the content was contained in a massive div block, so I just copy pasted the block. The problem is that I had a page load animation that, because it wasn’t tied to an element, was not pasted into the new project. Can anybody help?

Hi Andy,

I spent many hours trying to figure this out.

The solution is simple (but silly).

Apply the page load animation interaction to the div block you are copying over. You can do as you please once it’s copied, but all interactions you want to copy over do need to be tied to the element you copy over.

Hope this helps!


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Hey Zach, sounds like a genius idea, and I understand in principle, but not sure how to do it in practice. My page load animations are a series of moves and opacity changes targeting a few divs (divs I’ve already copy pasted over). I’ve attached a screen shot and shared a link. Help!


This is what you need to do. After that copy your “process” element into your new project. The animation will be copied as well, and all you will have to do is create a new page load animation and select your newly copied ix

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It worked perfectly, thanks!

Thanks! It works like a charm :slight_smile: