Migrate WP database for sub-domain

I have an existing WP site I would like to redesign in webflow, html not wordpress. This site has an existing sub-domain that needs to migrate without changing. Its a historic cemetery database driven Wp site. Is it possible to migrate the subdomain intact as is. My expertise with database management is non-existent.
I see Webflow as a complete solution for myself and clients and have a few sites with special needs, for now one at a time.
What an incredible product and dev team.
Thank you

Hi @davidharvey, could you please add more detail around what you’re trying to do? If you have a structure like this currently:

mywebsite.com - main Wordpress site, to be converted to a Webflow site
www.mywebslite.com - same as above
subdomain.mywebsite.com - a CNAME/subdomain hosting a non-webflow site

Then it is possible to only post the naked (mywebsite.com) and www.mywebsite.com to webflow and keep the subdomain.mywebsite.com unchanged wherever it is hosted now.

For Webflow to host your main domain, you only need to change the A record(s) - you don’t need to disturb/change your other DNS settings.

Does that answer your question?

Thanks @callmevlad, this may be a client that’s not suitable for webflow as they would be paying for 2 hosting plans. I also run a community radio station, all volunteer, and would like to know if I could upload 1-2hr mp3s for listeners to download or listen to, informal podcasts I guess
Thanks so much

Just saw my answer in another post about no uploads…thanks