Migrate to New Template

Since I’ve become more fluent with WF, I have come to appreciate what I didn’t know when I started out, especially wrt to design principles and CSS.

I maintain a site which violates many of the best practices, conventions and design principles… So it’s to start our fresh so I can leverage the power of WF more fully. The site has 40+ pages, five CMS collections, of which is most importantly a blog with 80+ entries. We have good SEO reach with the blog, so I don’t wish to lose that.

I am interested in FinSweet’s Client First system, because this site will eventually need to be maintained by others as we’re able to bring them on board the team.

I’m curious if/how others in the WF community have:

  1. transitioned a site to a new template
  2. implemented CF or some similar class naming convention/system (e.g. BEM)
  3. migrated a blog from one project to another

Any lessons learned, or strategies employed from the community are greatly appreciated!



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK