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Migrate from GoDaddy services to elsewhere

Hello everyone!
My friend’s website was designed in 2010 and she asked me to help her with a new look. I already did some gigs with webflow and I told her I will do it for her. here’s the thing - her domain, hosting, and email accounts are all in Go Daddy and she hates them! she wants out of them soon as possible. Is there a way for her not to be in contact with them anymore?
I’ve already read the guide of how to change the hosting to a webflow account but now I need your help with the domain and the email services, what should we do to make sure everything move safely to the new website?
are you recommend Outlook or Gmail for her email accounts and how can we import it?
and the last one - why can’t I open a new webflow account? I want to create one with her info so she will be able to manage the site and pay for the hosting.

Thank you all!

Have you tried Googling your question?

Webflow doesn’t host email, so you will have to sign up for a third-party email service. The two recommended ones on this forum are Zoho (free, slower) and G Suite ($5/user/month). After signing up at either, they will provide further instructions to add an additional MX record(s) to the domain name DNS records via the domain name registrar’s management panel.

Please Google and try something first.

As long as the selected email service supports IMAP or POP, you will be able to access it using an application like Microsoft Outlook or via another Gmail account.

The selected third-party provider will provide instructions.

Why not? What have you tried? Where did you get stuck at?

Thank you so much!
I’m trying to sign in with new email and password and it showed me an error message

Is there a way to import from my account to hers? i’ve already started to design the home page…

Try creating an account while in an incognito mode window

Have you tried logging out first? If this fails, use private browsing to register.

Definitely. However you will need to have a Pro account to send projects to another (any type) account.

why not try

We moved 500+ domains away from GoDaddy about 10 years.

Have used eNom ever since.

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