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Migrate blog from one Webflow website to another Webflow website - keep SEO


I have a Webflow website set up (Website 1). I am setting up another Webflow website (Website 2) and am migrating the blog from website 1 to website 2. The blog posts on website 1 are ranking well, so I don’t want to loose our SEO for those blog posts, but will stop using website 1 all together soon and only focus on website 2.

What’s the best way to keep our good SEO for blog posts on website 1 and “take that with us” to website 2, all while avoiding duplicate content issues? 301 redirects? Not indexing one website or the other? Please help!

@Sofiatb Hey sofia welcome to the form. ok so you can export blog post from websit (1) and you can import on the website (2). for seo you need to add same mega tages and mega description

Thank you for your answer!

I know how to migrate, but I would need to know what steps I should take to avoid duplicate content between the two websites while taking the SEO with us to website 2.

So, what meta tags and meta descriptions would I need to add and where?

Review Google’s guidelines and follow them. See Move a Website and Change URL | Google Search Central

If it is just the blog posts, set up 301 redirects on the old site to the blog posts on the new site and let that run for a while. Also be sure to set up your site in Search Console.

Thank you very much for the answer, will do this!