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Mighty | Faster Google Chrome that uses 10x less memory

This looks interesting… wonder if it would speed up webflow’s designer.

I know webflow is working on improving performance but sometimes with some very large projects I either have to refresh the page or close out anything else I have open on my computer so that webflow doesn’t lag… has happened on occasion.

A while back when I had a really large project I tried switching to vivaldi browser and it actually seemed to help… this new browser Mighty looks like a different beast and might solve these problems at least for me… looks interesting for sure.

This seems like a funny use for cloud computing but if Mighty helps folks on slower computers and/or large projects then I’m glad it exists.

Personally since moving to the M1 MacBook Pro I’ve noticed huge improvements in speed—especially on larger Webflow projects—but that was coming from a dated custom PC (2nd generation i5, 16gb RAM, 770 GPU). Web apps are far more demanding than they were and while I know Webflow has a ways to go before I’d consider it optimized for massive, complex projects, it’s important to remember that we’re all essentially running fully fledged software in browsers nowadays.

I’m curious what the pricing will be as they don’t seem to give that information yet. It’s gotta be fairly cheap as you can already have full PC cloud computing with platforms like Shadow that offer a lot more functionality.

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