Micropurchase.biz did not publish

Micropurchase.biz is not publishing.
iphone msg: load can not follow more than 20 redirections

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Set about following the manual set up process vs the one button set up. After deleting the godaddy @ and A records, I clicked webflow’s added the domain and added the domain. The wizard skipped the next steps and the domain appeared as added. micropurchase.biz is not online. Friendly suggestion, if the easy one-step set up button doesn’t work, I suggest removing it.

When publishing updates then refreshing the page. The above error shows. I have to delete and re-add the domain then publish for the changes to show online. Is this how the process should work?

I still don’t know how my A and @ records got into webflow? Did the first one-button set up add the records? How can I view in webflow?

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Micropurchase.biz does exist for me though?

I’m not too familiar with godaddy’s interface, some dns hoster pose limitations on the root of your domain, are you using the www or non-www version as your default version in the Webflow project settings? Try setting the www version as default!