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Mi new Proyect "Advanced"

Hello community!

I just finished mi new portfolio ADVANCED

You can check it at

but something is wrong in mobile version, a white space is over half of the site hiding the other content and i can’t fix it. if someone can help please!

here is an image

and here is read only link:

Thanks for help me :slight_smile:


it looks like your footer container width is set to 940px on all devices. if you set it to auto or 100%, it should fix it. the class is “cont-footer” all the way at the bottom

Thanks for try to help me, but the problem still there…

@artistro98 was right, you just missed the other container Jaime.

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Again, thanks for try to help me, but that is not the poroblem. Do the following:

  1. change the width value of the “contenido” or “cont-footer” to auto or 100%
  2. preview the project rezising the window to a mobile size and scroll the bottom scroll-bar, or preview in a smartphone.
  3. you will see the white space still there, no matter the changes you do.

Someone else can help?


are you sure? i just changed the “cont-footer” and it seemed to fixed it. make sure you select the tablet viewport and change it to 100% as well

yeah 100% sure. But you drag the bottom scroll previewing the site in a resized window? just try it and you will see the problem is there…

Just saw. it’s the font that’s making it go off to the side. If you change the size of the font, you should be good.

maybe you can put it at 80px for mobile.