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Metric template / Navigation help & current class

Hi Metric template support guys + anyone else that wants to help

the live site can be found here >

1 - There is a black outline on rollover, where is this coming from, and how can I get rid of it’

2 - I understand the concept of the ~Current class, as being the current Nav Link for the immediate page the user is on and thus it shows this Class / visual state, but how do I invoke this class, type it? the page ‘Our Philosophy’ for some reason doesn’t have this, and I’m trying to get it to appear like all the other pages

3 - and lastly, not a huge thing, but on some of the Navigation rollovers, it’s pushing down the phone number shown just below this…what am i doing wrong that is allowing this to happen? thanks

really appreciate the help webflow peeps :wink:

Hey @LvnLife ,

Just share the publick line so i can take a look closer :smile:


PS: Take a look to the .nav-link on hover and just delete all Borders around and will look fine, and about Current state you can find it in dropshadow options.