Metadescription not showing on facebook

The website that I’m working on ( does not show a social media preview on facebook or Slack. It does on WhatsApp though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also, URL inspection on the google search console returns an error about a redirection issue.

What am I missing?

I just ran that URL through the FB Scraper, and then put the link in a new Facebook post - it shows this preview:


Is this what you were hoping for?

omg… I kept trying http without S :man_facepalming:

Me nub. ned to git gud.


I think the FB Debugger helped - when I first input your URL into this, it did not show an image. After pressing “scrape again”, it detected the image.

But still, Slack doesn’t show the preview and google search console can’t re-index the page, because of a “redirect error”

This screenshot is in dutch, I’m sorry:

Unfortunately I can’t be of any more help on that :frowning: sorry! There’s some wizards on this forum though, hopefully someone else sees this post…

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This is most likely caused due to your dns provider having root restrictions.
Try chaning the default version to www in the project settings under “Hosting”

Let me know if this helps!

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That’s the trick! It works now! Thanks!!!


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