Meta Theme Color for Browser on Webflow

Hello, has anyone tried Meta Theme Color for the browser to change color when a website is visited? I was wondering if anyone tried this and and which code worked?

I tried the following on the head of the website but it’s not working:

<meta name="theme-color" content="#319197">

Here is a link with more info: Meta Theme Color and Trickery | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks


I tested and it is working on Safari only, seems it doesn’t work on other browsers at the moment.

Thank you, where did you place the code? I put it on the global head of the website and didn’t work.

Oh I tried it only a local project at first, and now I tried it with Webflow; as you said it didn’t worked.

I can see the meta code but it is not working, on my first save ent only appeared in place of content, that was weird.