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Meta tags on Portfolio posts and Blog posts


I can’t seem to edit the meta tags (I think that’s what they’re called) on the individual blog posts and portfolio pieces.

What I mean by this:

When you preview the pages above in the browser, the tabs don’t display any meta info like other pages do.

I tried to edit the SEO info in the CMS but it appears that there are no fields to do so.



@jdn please include your share link to this project?

Hi @WebDev_Brandon

Thanks for your reply

Hi @jdn, This section (linked) of the university page might be what you are looking for.

Basically you are editing the collection template settings, using values from your collection to dynamically populate the active items meta values.

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Sorry to necromance on this thread, but is it possible to do this on a per-blogpost basis. Have metatags for every post separately so we could personalize it a bit more?


@uxbal - Yes by inserting fields into the meta blocks in the collection template settings.

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