Meta Pixel with Webflow | Issue with Cookie Banner

Hello all!

I have a client who wants to add a “meta pixel” to their webflow page that I created. Webflow offers a great solution for this: you can store the ID of the meta pixel directly in the Project Settings under Integrations. Below this, there is a switch that only activates the meta pixel (cookie) if the user allows it by agreeing to a cookie consent banner and not directly at the beginning of loading the page. This is exactly where I have a problem.

Webflow offers instructions on how to implement this cookie banner (Facebook Pixel | Webflow University). These instructions have already been implemented by a user as a finished cookie banner in webflow showcase (Facebook: GDPR Facebook Pixel with consent pop-up. - Webflow). Furthermore, I use the Chrome Add on Meta-Pixel (Meta Pixel Helper - Chrome Web Store) to detect if the pixel is running. However, if I clone this project, store the ID and activate the delay in the settings, and publish the whole thing, I have the following problem:

Loading the page → Pixel Helper shows that the pixel is not running → Clicking on “Accept Cookies” → Pixel Helper shows that the cookie is running.
This sounds good at first, but when I refresh the page, the cookie banner is hidden as intended, but Pixel Helper shows me that the pixel is not running and I have absolutely no idea why.

If anyone knows anything about this, I would be very happy to hear from you - I would be happy to provide more information!

Read-only link: Webflow - GDPR Banner

Image of state before clicking accept and after refreshing page even if accepted:

Does anyone have an idea? Unfortunately, Webflow support has not been able to help me yet and I can’t find any other helpful sources online.

While I am not going to spend time debugging your individual case, I will give you a strong recommendation to investigate using Iubenda (partner link) to solve this problem. As a partner I have implemented their solutions successfully on different projects both on and off Webflow. They offer a complete solution for legal compliance.

Thank you for your recommendation. I took a look at the tool and will definitely consider it for my future projects. However, I would like to point out that my ticket is not about a big debugging issue. Even with Iubenda, I have to somehow access the switch that allows the cookie to load. And this is exactly the issue I am stuck with. Sorry if I described it wrong.

I’m just using the code recommended by Webflow, getting the result described above, and I don’t know if it’s a misbehaviour. If anyone has done similar implementations as described above, I would appreciate a reply.