Meta pixel issue

Hey everyone. I desperately need help with Meta Ads :no_mouth: Last month, we planned to start a newsletter series and built a landing page for it. The landing page is hosted on /newsletter address. And when you click on the “subscribe” button on that page, it directs you to /thanks page.

We were working with a social media marketing agency and the guy said he set up the Meta pixel for the thanks page. So each time when someone click on our ads to the newsletter page and subscribes, we were supposedly going to see the conversion as people were being directed to the thanks page. But for some reason, I cannot really understand, we cannot track any conversion.

I inserted our FB Pixel code into Webflow and made sure it works. Plus, Meta Pixel Helper Google Extension says that “One pixel found on your website” But it also detects and issue with it -as seen in the screenshot. So is there anyone that can help me understand what is the problem here? Why can’t I see any conversion data on Meta Ads?

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