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Why when I search for my web page in Google doesn’t allow you to see the description of the site?

Hi @Aldo_Pineda, the reason why the twitter image url is showing when you search on, is because you are searching on the exact domain name, and Google is showing you an excerpt of the page, because you are searching for domain details. If you search on Blania Learn Spanish, then you are searching for something in a different context, and the results are different, see my screenshot.

I hope that helps. Cheers, Dave

Thank you, the information was very useful. But I remain with a doubt. Why does not appear the description that I added?


Hi @Aldo_Pineda ! Thanks for your update. I am not sure why Google has not chosen to show the description, it is not guaranteed that they will. You can read more about how to create your Title, Description and other tags, at this page below:

That should help you to create descriptions in the manner Google likes to see those created. If your description does not contribute to the value of your page, then it may not be shown. We really have no control over that, but you can at least read the recommendations from Google themselves. If you have any further questions, we are happy to help :smile:

Cheers, Dave

OK, I’ll check. Thank you very much for the information! Greetings from Mexico :slight_smile:

Some insight into this I have learned over the years that may help: Make sure the description fits the overall theme and content of the page. Put the description sentence as the very first sentence on the page. Do not load it with keywords or abnormal syntax or phasing, speak normal English as you would to people not search engines. This simple outline typically has worked for my sites. Keep in mind that typically no human will look at this and make the decision, it is purely the algo that decides, so you do not have 100% control over what google or any other search engine will return for the description, they reserve the final right to select the text from your page that fits the page and the query. Hope this makes good sense and helps answer your question.


Also add your website to Google Developer Tools, upload sitemap and ask Google to crawl through your website.

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Ok, I have to add the sitemap, but I need further study on the subject, I hope to learn more about google developers tools. Thanks a lot!

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It is very useful information, thanks!