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Meta Description Pulling from Page

We’ve started noticing recently that our Meta Description and Title are pulling from the page rather than the Meta Description field in the SEO settings. We haven’t changed this information in a while, so we’re at a lost to why this is happening. Any insight would be extremely helpful.

This is what should be showing

This is what is showing

Hi @Britt_Ekos

From what I understand this is a google issue rather than meta issue. I just searched for "Brewery Management Software and this is what’s pulled up:


Google shows what they think is relevant to the user based on input, search query, location and changes for each user. If you’re checking search displays, it’s always best to use tools specifically for this, and search using incognito mode in my experience.

I’m not an SEO expert by any means, but I also found on a couple of search queries it was pulling info from the page, it just meant that the page info in that circumstance was more useful for the user than the meta description that was there already.

I’ve searched a few keywords for your site, and they all displayed nicely for me. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps somewhat! :smiley:

That is super helpful. Thank you for the insight - greatly appreciate it!