Meta description not showing correctly on Google


I’ve been trying to fix an issue on our new website. All the meta data seems to be in place for each page, but for some reason Google shows incorrect text for one of the pages.

Google shows this:
How it works

It should show:
How it works
VI has a five step process for seamlessly creating fully localized video content. Start your video project by contacting us today.

Does anyone know how we could fix this?


First of all… It took me a while to think about “what’s ample?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Google takes a moment to crawl through your website. Make sure you have latest sitemap.xml (Webflow generates that automatically). Also you can use Google WebDeveloper Tools to force-index your website.

Please note it takes up to 7 days for bots to auto-crawl your website.


Thanks, will check that

I have the same problem in the mobile page, which fell in the Google index. While I do not understand the reason.

Google is correctly displaying the menu elements, but it seems like the other metadata hasn’t populated yet. Allow me to show what Google is actually showing so others can get a better idea of this behavior:

So five things:

THING ONE: Google Sitselinks are what we’re talking about here. They are automatically created by Google, and they’re the tiny subheadings/internal links beneath the main URL. Read up:

THING TWO: When the Sitelink behavior isn’t working correctly, you can demote a Sitelink, which is certainly an option at this stage.

THING THREE: @bart is right. Google may just need some more time to crawl your page and properly locate the metadata. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to manually highlight data on the URL of How It Works. This will help Google crawl and display the correct information.

THING FOUR: Quick note about ALL CAPS. Menu elements, or really any ALL CAPS elements should be written regularly, with ALL CAPS enabled via CSS. Right now you have OUR SERVICE, HOW IT WORKS, etc. Change those to Our Service, How It Works, etc., then modify the style to enable all caps.

THING FIVE: Your footer is great as you’re using a Webflow symbol to ensure it’s consistent across all pages, but your navbar doesn’t seem to have the same structure. Save time on changes (like the one in Thing Four) that might otherwise take you a ton of time by using symbols for as much as you can!

Edit: Can’t believe I forgot to write this. I AM LOVING YOUR DESIGN. Especially the menu bar.

Thanks @McGuire for your advices, I’ve changed the navbar accordingly and fixed the all caps problem. Making websites is new for me so I’m missing a few basics.

Regarding the Sitelinks, we had already made changes in Google Webmaster Tools so maybe we need to wait longer for the changes to take effect.

I’m just a bit confused with the Data Highlighter as it asks me for the type of information to highlight, and none of them seem to fit with the content. We’'re going to add more written content to that page, and if this does not help within a week I’ll use Data Highlighter on top of the other tools.

Thanks again, I’ll update once the problem is solved.

@McGuire / @bart or anyone who can answer this:

Any insight into how Google treats a single page design ?

As you know - Meta descriptions are page based.

If you have 5 nav options pointing to 5 id’s (single page design)
what does google do ? How are sitelinks created in this situation.

It’s my understanding that single page websites aren’t as SEO friendly as a traditional multi-page website when it comes to things like Sitelinks, URL sharing, indexing sections of a page as separate search results, etc.

There are many SEO folks who say Sitelinks on a single-page design can’t happen, and a number of others who recommend against using single-page designs for other SEO reasons.