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Message box overlapping footer

Hey guys,
This tricky little message box keeps over-lapping my footer any thoughts I’m incredibly frustrated at this point lol ?

Any help would be appreciated.

What is the message box? I can’t see anything wrong here.

Hmm that’s odd maybe it’s just my computer but on desktop the outline of the message box in the contact section appears above the footer instead of under it. The rest of the contact section is fine.

HI @David_Moore, thanks for the update. I checked this too, and the message box is appearing under the fixed footer. What browser version are you using and what operating system? I can try to reproduce this :slight_smile: Cheers,

Hey @cyberdave , I’m viewing it on chrome and I can see it on my home and office computer lol . So weird …here;s a screen shot . So it seems to only show when you click on the message box then once you click off of the box it remains .

At first I thought it was caused by the CMS because it’s on actual live site . But then I noticed it was in webflow as well but I had no idea how to fix it. Thanks !

Hi @David_Moore, thanks for the update. Sorry for the delayed reply. Can you let me know, which operating system and exact browser version you are able to see the issue?

When you click on the form, are you clicking in one of the fields? Can you create a screencast to show the issue?


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