Menue Button doesnt Work in Tablet and below

I´ve got a Sticky Navbar on the Top and the Menue Button (Burger) doesnt work in Tablet and Below. I assume that it has something to do with this stickyness, cause it opens from the left and right, but doesnt drop down.

Someone an idea?

Hi Paul,

think I understand what you’re trying to achieve. Select your element with the class name of navbar1_component and set the overflow to visible.
FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #246 - 'Webflow - Corena 3.1' -

OK, thx that worked. I think I tryed that, but i got the feeling that webflow sometimes bugs around.
Same with my next Problem: Why does the grids dont show how they should in Tablet and below? Had done extra classes for tablet mode. But the collection list items dont fit in the grid.