Menu trouble - name doesn't appears

Dear community,

I have a trouble with my menu page. In the menu page, I have 7 links (on my back office- 7 nav link block) but i don’t know how to change the name that is actually display. (blog)
Could you help on this ?

Here is my public share link:

Hi @MaCam,

If you set your Menu Content div to display: block (right now it’s display: none), you’ll be able to edit the menu text directly in the website preview.

More on display settings:

Below is a preview of how you can edit text when you change the Menu Content display mode. Just be sure to change it back to display: none when you’re done!


OMG you are amazing.
And your explanation so easy to follow !

Can I ask one last thing regarding the menu ? When I open the menu and then close it staying on the same page, the footer links menu become inactive.
Would you know why ?

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Thanks! I’m looking into it now for you. It looks like your menu is leaving a transparent layer on top of the entire screen (making any buttons & links un-clickable). Now, just trying to find how to fix it!

Figured it out! Not sure if it’s a bug or not (@rileyrichter maybe you can help out here), but here is a fix that worked for me:

  1. Open your Hamburger Wrapper div mouse click interaction.
  2. Navigate to settings for the Hamburger on Second Click animation.
  3. Drag and drop the Menu Content - Hide/Show action up and snap it under the LOGO - Text Color action.

Thanks a lot. It works !!
you are the best. Again thank you

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