Menu tablet/mobile break point glitch - Please help

Hi, through the expert forum advice I have added this to my code to force a mobile breakpoint for the menu:

@media screen and (max-width: 1200px) { .w-nav[data-collapse="medium"] .w-nav-menu { display: none; } .w-nav[data-collapse="medium"] .w-nav-button { display: block; }

BUT…I have a glitch happening…the mobile menu is huge and the logo resizes itself again at another break point.

Can anyone help me fix it?


Link: Webflow - Lily Equity Release

Last piece of the puzzle before we can go live, any help appreciated.


Cool cool site!

As a fresh set of eyes, I honestly don’t see a problem. I think the CTA and phone number could due to be shrunk so they are a little more proportional to the left items, but that’s preference.

If you want to stop the logo resizing, edit the symbol, select the logo and set its heights to 84px on tablet

Haha thanks Sam!

So, I just realised you can only see the glitch on the published link, see my screenshots. One is the big menu button and one is how it should look when you keep shrinking the width.

Uploading: Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 08.15.49.jpg…

Please can anyone help on this again?

Hey Sam, any chance you could have a quick look at this thread again? Would hugely appreciate it.

Hi, the difficulty is that I can’t recreate this glitch. What’s the live url?

You can see the glitch on the live site now!