Menu on mobile doens't close after click

Hi everyone,

I’m currently having some issues with my mobile menu, i have created a new page and i want to link my menu items back to a section at my homepage. But the problem is when i use a direct link to the section of the page it works fine on dekstop but then when i check it on mobile my menu won’t close when i use the same link. It works fine when i click on it from my new page but then when i try to use the same link on the homepage it doens’t close.

New page (portfolio):

I have only added the direct link to menu item ‘Ons team’ so this is the link that leaves the menu opened when used on mobile (only when you click on it from the homepage).

Is there any solution to this problem? Because i have tried many options but its either working for the homepage or for the portfoliopage and ofcourse its

Thanks in advance!

@Rezomi the issue you are having is because your url has change so it makes the link invalid because it don’t exist

your Homepage: your newpage is
the link to Prijzen must be not

Thanks for your respond!

But the issue i’m having is either i make it fully functional for the homepage or functional for the portfolio page. My second option is applied to the menu item ‘Ons team’ here i applied the clean code like you suggested but when used on mobile the menu won’t close when the item is clicked. It works fine when you approach it from the portfolio page but when you go to the homepage and then click on ‘Ons team’ the menu won’t close by itself.

So for now i chose to make the homepage fully functional because the portfolio page is still in progress.

Any idea/suggestion to make it fully functional on both pages?