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Menu not Visible on iPad

Hey guys,

no matter how hard I try to check that I coded / implemented my Nav Bar / Menu correctly,
it just doesn’t show up on the iPad in Horizontal Mode. It’s just not visible. Like a ghost.

Here’s my read only:

Any ideas why this happens? On the desktop everything works smooth.
Appreciate any help.

Thanks a lot

Hi @davidk77

Everything is working fine on my end! The only thing I can see though, is that you have 2 navbars on iPad and mobile landscape. You might want to disable the desktop navbar on those viewports.

You can do so, just by unchecking them in the settings tab.

Thanks man for your answer :slight_smile: The problem appeared on older iPads. Unfortunately this didn’t help and I ended up rebuilding the menu. Still don’t know what caused it. Now it works fine. But thanks for your help!

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