Menu links hiding in different modes

Hey guys,

Just can’t really work my head around on why this is happening, but in 3 different modes, my menu links hide, but also reveal themselves when hovered over, i can’t seem to find any interactions with it, or states. So in designer mode, everything is great, then in preview mode, the home seems to disappear, but when i change the name to something other than home, it doesn’t disappear. Then when you enter the site, all 3 of them disappear (not the dropdowns) and theres no hover, im not sure whats going on because it didn’t always do this.

Can anyone help or has anyone experienced this before?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Bibliotheque

Hey Liam,
seems like it’s working fine now, I imagine you fixed it or is it still broken on your end?

Yeah so, I just changed the class it was in for the home, one, you can slightly see that their is a difference, but if you got to the version, the “projects” and “FAQ’S” nav link doesn’t show up, it hides. It has the class “header-nav-link”.

Do I just ignore this weird hiding thing, and create a new class? I wish I could figure it out