Menu link to section issue

Hi there,

I am building a personal website and on the menu section I have 3 tabs, Work/About/Contact. The “About” goes to another page when I am on the “Home” page, BUT both Work and contact are on the same page. I know how to link them both to the sections when I am on the current page (Home). But when I go to other pages, both tabs won’t work. I hope my issue makes sense.

Any suggestions?

Hi Sally!

What you are trying to do is jump to an Anchor link on another page. Instead of using the link to page you need to use the external URL link. If you have the ID called “work” on the About page the URL would be: your-site-name/about#work (I think you’ll need to publish to see it)

Hope that helps

Set you Contact section Tag as Section and give an ID “contact”.
Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 11.15.13 PM

Now set the navlink Contact to be directed to an External Link, enter your url plus /#contact, set to be open in the same page. Done.

I hope this helps… :slight_smile: