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Menu Items Not Appear on iPhone

This is a screen capture of my Messages app on my Mac…

  • in which I tool 2 captures… and sent them to my Mac
  • 1 from an iPhone
  • 1 from an iPad

both showing the same page. And I have some oddities showing up.

A) The MENU works on the Desktop and the iPad.

On the iPhone… you notice there are some MENU ITEMs missing…

How do I fix this.

THIS IS AN ODDITY that’s not really important right now… but I thought it was strange enough to show everyone… especially @webflow

in Messages (2)… notice there is a radius at the bottom of Assisted Living… under the blue double click message.

in Message Preview… notice (3) there is no radius in the image…

Also notice (4)… in the iPad… the Menu displays correct and the Radius is at the LAST MENU ITEM… which is where its suppose to be.

Why is the radius (NUMBER 2)… after the 3 MENU ITEM… when I have a class set to the LAST MENU ITEM (there are 8 MENU ITEMS in this MENU)… to set the radius.

Do you mind passing along your share link so the issue can be better identified? :smile:

So basically we need to determine a) why menu items are missing on the iphone b) why the radius isn’t showing in the correct place on the iphone - is this the gist of it?

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