menu hamburger problem

Good morning,
I’m new to webflow so I think my question is very simply resolved
I bought a template but I can’t find how to modify the site’s hamburger menu page (which is displayed when you click on menu)
I don’t understand how to open this page without being in “live view” mode

Hello Ines,

First select Tablet breakpoint or smaller, then double click on your “header” component.

Once this is open click on your Navbar.

Then navigate to settings and click the button that says “show”

All the best,


Hello, Thank you for your help but the menu is already noted as “show” however. I’ll give you the share link alone so you can maybe see if you have the time…

Thank you

Hey Ines,
I just got a 404 error when I clicked your read only link. Did you fix the problem?
Cheers, Dave