Menu error - Did something change in Webflow backend?


I am using this Mega Menu, made by Flowbase:

Today the “Open menu” in the Navbar settings started acting weirdly. It was OK 2 days ago.
I explain below with a video.

First I thought I messed up something in my own project. But then, I downloaded a new clone of the Mega Menu into a new empty project. And the error is present in the fresh clone too. You can test it for yourself. So it has nothing to do with my project. This behaviour was not there 2 days ago.

What is happening

  • you are in desktop mode in the Webflow editor
  • you select the Navigation item.
  • you choose “Open Menu”
  • and instead of opening the menu in Desktop view, whole Webflow just jumps into Tablet view (and the menu is not being opened at all).

SCREENHOT VIDEO, pay attention how we jump into tablet mode.

What is going on? This is really frustrating to learn that webflow is so buggy.

I tried to open a cloned copy of the project and Webflow threw an error. I sent an email to Flowbase to let them know.

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