Menu editing navigation issues

Home responsiveness 2 minutes in
I’m unable to open the hamburger menu button with settings its just blanked out, what would be the reason for that? I’m following the video assuming it moved the menu to the correct size but I’m unable to check it while in navigation. Could it be I didn’t give it a class name or something else?–much thanks

Here is my site Read-Only:Webflow - Neal's website

Have you deleted the menu wrapper class by any chance? I remember accidentally doing that once.
If you add your read-only link, I’ll take a look.

thanks for the response… i may have deleted that class but i may also have not added that class

also in the video when he is adjusting line height he clicks “unit lists”… my typography doesn’t have that feature i can only adjust by the px size. unsure where to find unit list.

im apparently having all kinds of issues:
on the next lesson project management. when i add project type it moves the text to the absolute top but i choose client type it appears… im not sure if i didn’t add the project type when i transferred the csv

lastly for 25:50 seconds into “project pages” its says add a navbar to the top, but i keep getting a error saying “nav link can only be used in a nav bar”----i assume i somehow didn’t save the nav bar or maybe didn’t label the nav bar?