Menu Dropdown not working + OpenGraph not updating

Hi Everyone,

I recently created my website, IONA, but I realized that:

  • in the navbar, the dropdown doesn’t work (and often switches back to “hidden” when on mobile). The navbar appears in the design studio without the dropdown even if it’s the option that I’ve selected, and the navbar is completely gone on my website (no drop down either of course).

  • I’ve changed the OpenGraph settings, it works for (my former URL that I was using before Webflow) but not for (the “main” domain") that still uses “Webflow Template”. In the design studio, I’m editing the right one and it clearly shows the right URL etc…

I’m not a web developer so maybe there is something that I’ve missed, but I’m really stuck now… Anybody who would understand these?


(Additional one in case of: when I’m working without a mouse, the edit navigator on the left is a mess: it collapses subpages constantly etc… it’s really annoying => bug?)

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]