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Menu dropdown disappears under hero slider

Hey, @gisijam. Your navbar is a bit “overstyled” and there is not a correct structure, which makes they styling even harder.

I can help you re-create this navbar again, step-by-step and it will fix all your other issues too.


I would be so grateful. All of your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Ok, @gisijam.

Here is the video how I changed some settings and styles for the navigation on your site. It is kinda long, but hope you can watch and follow my steps.

Feel free to ask, if you will have more questions


Hi Anna,

The video was great. I’ve implemented the menu symbols on all pages. Everything was working great- previewed great on all devices. However, after I published I checked my iphone to see how it looked and the mobile menu (image) does not show up when holding vertically. When you view horizontal, it does show up. How can I get the menu seen vertical? Site is live!


Hey @gisijam it looks like you may have some conflicting styles on the different navbar elements. Can you try adjusting those and double checking your interactions as well?

​Please let me know if this is helpful, if not, I’m happy to help further. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure how they are conflicting if I’m using symbols? And which interactions should I check? If you could expand your answer a bit, I would truly appreciate it. Thank you.

Hey, @gisijam!

Not sure what image you talking about. Everything works fine on my phone.

Hi @sabanna.

Thanks for checking. Here are snapshots. Still not showing when viewed vertically on my iPhone. No menu image to navigate site:

When I switch to horizontal view, it appears:

Your help is appreciated!

Tested on iPhone 4S:

Hi there @gisijam, one thing I noticed, is that the domain, is pointed at the old A Records and CNAME record that have since been replaced.

I would change the A Records and CNAME record on the domain, to point to Webflow’s servers:

After updating the DNS records, republish the site. Let me know also, and I will take another look.


Thanks @cyberdave. I updated the DNS records and republished. Would love to have you take another look. Thanks!

Hi @gisijam, things are looking much better :slight_smile: one small thing, there is one extra A Record still remaining for the domain for IP Go ahead and remove this IP, and then let me know and I am happy to check again.

Now, these changes to the dns might not be related to the issue with the menu dropdown, but it will help improve the speed of your site a lot :slight_smile: I will also help to take a look at the menu issue once the dns is all setup :slight_smile:

All done! Thank you!

Hi @gisijam, that’s great, the site is a lot faster now :slight_smile:

On menu icon issue, the Menu bg class has a -66px offset set at mobile portrait view. I would remove that completely and then the icon should show normally on mobile portrait:

Let me know if that helps!

Thanks @cyberdave! That worked…the menu is now showing up on my phone. Now the final issues I see here are:

  1. on my phone (see snapshot) there is a grey space that does not show during edit or preview in webflow.

  2. also, how to have the menu link names all spaced cohesivley (justified vert and horiz within menulink)


Hi @gisijam, thanks for letting me know, glad to hear that progress is being forged :slight_smile: About the grey space, the screenshot did not make it, can you paste that again?

Sorry about that. Here it is…

Hi @gisijam, the issue with the gray space, is coming from the fact that the background image top position is changing across the different viewports.

I would suggest to check the styling of your background images at all viewports and try to keep those consistent.

As an example, I made a video, I hope it helps:

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