Menu drop down not working on mobile or tablet

Hi’ I’m having trouble with the Menu drop down, its not working on mobile or tablet

Here is my site Read-Only: []

webflow screen shot|690x371

Hi - It’s because your div block (The one containing divblock 68) is covering it. In the navigator Webflow orders from bottom to top in terms of what is layered above and below things. Swap them around and it should work.

I tried still not working !

I’ve been playing around with it for a bit but I can’t figure out what specifically is causing the problem. I can see that the site is not set up or structured at all correctly which I suspect has something to do with it.

My advice would be to rebuild the whole site from ground up as this will likely correct the source of the problem but also prevent you from encountering problems like this in the future, not to mention saving you lots of time when you need to make changes to your site. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube explaining stuff like this, hope this helps.

Sounds good. Thank you!