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Menu disappearing when putting fixed position

HI all! I got this problem. I have a menu in the top of my website that uses a Flex layout. Its a logo in the middle of the menu and its position is fixed. I want to make the menu also in fixed position when I am scrolling, it should follow the page.

When I am putting “position fixed” on the section (the menu) it kinda disappear, also the logo disappear? Its like it gets invisible? Can somebody tell me what is happening here?

Hi @webbor

Can you please share a read-only link of your project?

Here it is @donaldsv

Change the following on section 7

  • width: 100%
  • position : fixed
  • z-index: 99
  • Background color: white

Ah the z-index was the issue I guess! So much thanks for the fast help!