Menu Button Showing at Bottom of Page

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We did not make many changes to our website, however, now we have the demo button at the bottom of the page under the footer. I’ve looked everywhere, however, cannot find anywhere the header was reposted or posted at all. Anyone have any ideas on how to find/search for the code driving this demo to show.

I have checked custom code and do not see anywhere with this code added.

Hey OJ,

can you specify on which page the dome button appears? I’ve checked the designer preview and on desktop and mobile, but the button isn’t there.

Hi - I really appreciate you taking the time. On my main computer I do not see it, however, on mobile and a larger screen I do. I thought this might be because of a dynamic menu bar, however, the Lock and Demo on the top are still up there when these show on the bottom. Here’s an example.

Does this happen in safari?
I only have FF and Chromium based browser and they behave as intended…

It typically happens on Chrome for me.

I’m sorry OJ, I literally cannot replicate your issue! No matter the viewport size, the button won’t show at the bottom. I searched the html dom for the word ‘Demo’ as seen on your screens but there’s only one element with that text, and its hidden on smaller screens and at the very top if shown.

Does this happen only on your end or can other ppl or devices replicate this?

Do you have browser extensions installed?
What happens, if you open the page in incognito mode?

I truly appreciate the help - unfortunately, it is still showing. In incognito and for others - regardless of extension. I’m also stuck - recommendations on what else can be done here?

@Omar_01 I review your site deeply. but I can’t found this issuee. Why you doesn’t recreate this page there are so many issuess in your site.

I appreciate the feedback - I’d be curious to hear what the issues you’re seeing, perhaps if we feel they’re worth fixing we’ll connect with you.