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Menu Button Only Works After Three Clicks

Hi there,

I am in the process of creating my first full webpage for a client that I am working with.

We have opted for a burger menu when the webpage is reduced to a size suitable for ‘Mobile landscape or portrait’ modes.

So when testing the menu at these sizes in preview mode it works fine. However, once the site is published I access the live site to test the menu and it only works after clicking three times on menu button.

Is there way it can work with just one click and why is it working this way at the moment?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is my public share link:

Live site:

I have now tested this on actual mobiles - Android and iOS and it works fine. However, my client tends to test the site himself on an actual desktop browser.

Therefore, is this functionality to enable only one click for the menu button available only when on an actual mobile or can it be enabled when using a desktop browser too (I am using the desktop version of Chrome as my browser)?

Works fine for me with just one click opening the nav. Can you tell which browser you use and what your testing looks like?

I’ve just opened the same site using an Opera browser and it works fine too.

I am using a newly updated Chrome browser and literally have to click on the menu three times in order for it to work.

But with actual mobiles and now Opera it works fine. Probably just a browser issue.

Have you tested it using an incognito mode window? Maybe a browser extension is causing the issue.

Updated my chrome (just in case :slight_smile: ) and it still works fine.

Just tested it in incognito mode and it has the same issue.

I have deactivated all my extensions, cleared browsing data/cookies, and disabled the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ function too - this was all due to Chrome being slow to open the webflow site too. The site is now running very fast!

But with this menu button glitch, just wondering what the issue may be. Evidently now, from this all, it seems to be more of a browser issue than one with Webflow.

Just check it from somewhere else - different computer - and see for yourself. While this is annoying at least you will know it won’t affect your users. As for why this happens at all… your guess is as good as mine

Sure, sounds like a plan and thanks for all the quick responses.

Just to give an update, I had to completely delete Chrome from my system and then re-install it. Everything is now working fine. Must have been a bug in the system somewhere.

I guess it’s a browser Issue. Try clearing cache and then check.

It’s all good now! Found out that my ‘Grammarly extension’ on Chrome was massively slowing down the site too. So everything has been cleared, checked or re-installed so it’s all now sorted.