Menu button not opening on tablet and landscape mobile

Hi Guys,

Your support and interactions on this forum are amazing by the way, it’s been such a massive help.

I have this issue for the site below, the menu icon is not opening on tablet or landscape mobile, but it is working on mobile portrait. They are all set to relative position, so not sure if I’m just missing something obvious. Would one of you kind souls mind having a look?

Thank you so much in advance.

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hi @billy.rooney

delete home and white from your mobile menu. Than rename container52 to something meaningful (I have just created copy) and assign white background to it

Than it should work for you

Hi Stan,

That’s brilliant, that worked perfectly, thank you so so much!

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Hi there, I am having the same problem. Where is the Home and White? Thank you!

Hi @Erna_Lin these classes were specific to @billy.rooney project. If you have similar issue try to find solution on forum. If you would not be able to solve it with help of already solved issues you can create a new request with “read-only” link to your project.