Menu button keeps scrolling far right on live preview

Good day team Webflow,

I’ve been having an issue on the mobile viewport when I view the live website. The Menu button scrolls far to the right. Please can someone show me how to fix this. I will really appreciate it. Attached below is the Read only link.

Thank you

Hi @imiekhaudu1 !

It looks like you are setting a set amount of pixels for the width of (Navbar repro). When you want a fixed item like this to be the whole width of the page you can set the width to (100VW).

Doing this will make it more responsive to any width of screen as there many different widths of screens.

Thank you very much DasSean. I tried it and it didn’t fix it. Please do you have any other suggestions on what I could possibly try to do to resolve this?

Absolutely! Would you be able to show me a screenshot of the menu button scrolling far to the right? And possibly a link to the live site?

Thank you so much DasSean. I noticed the size of the Div I used as a divider was way bigger than the page thus causing the issue, its been fixed now. I used the explanation you gave to solve it.

Now I have another challenge, On the second page, after the Navbar and hero section, when trying to add a section or a container, it adds on the side instead of coming after the previous box. Whats causing this? attached is the link below;

Expecting your feedback. Thanks much

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Hey @imiekhaudu1 !

(Body 2) is a horizontal flex box. All you need to do is change it to (Vertical) so it is oriented up and down instead of side to side.