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Menu button going crazy

I have a menu button about an inch down that is hidden on load. Once the 2nd section scrolls into view, the menu button should appear and be there for the rest of the site. When pressed it should trigger the nav bar to come into view.

The button only appears intermittently and it does not trigger the nav bar to appear. Really frustrated. Have to deliver this site in just a few hours as Im leaving the country on vaca in 7 hours and cannot get this last part worked out,

Anyone? thanks for your help

Hi @jagsweb, could you give the class name of the section that the interaction is on, and what the name of the interaction is? If you have a screenshot, it would help :slight_smile:

thanks @cyberdave, The class for the menu button is menu button and it was tied to the navigation bar class. i am walking out the door for 10 days so I let the nav stay out all the time so i could deliver the final product and will deal with it when I get back. No electronics for 6 days, wuhooo

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Have fun @jagsweb, we will be here when you get back :wink:

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