Menu Button Dropdown Issues & Ideas

Hi there!

Iam using Webflow for 2 days only. So I need a bit of your help.
This is the current state:

I do have 2 questions regarding the Menu Button now:

  1. Upon clicking on the burger menu the burger icon changes to the “X” while the dropdown content appears. If the user would click on the “X” it closes and changes back to the burger icon again. BUT if the user clicks outside the dropdown content, the menu closes- but I am unable to let the “X” change back to the burger icon. Do you have a solution for that?

  2. I want the dropdown content in a bigger layout including the menu button. See this picture for reference:

I thought I could just expand the container, which wraps the whole dropdown - but I am unable to access the expanding event.

Any suggestions how to solvie this without custom code?

Btw - anyone knows if there is a component for a multilanguage switch?