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Menu Burger Disappearing in Designer

Hey everyone,

I’m not entirely sure what has changed in my project, but today as I started working on a site I’ve been in for a while the burger menu seems to have disappeared visually while I’m working in the designer window.

When I publish the site and preview the publish link, everything seems to work fine and I can see it, but in the designer it shows it’s set on visible, and I see the link block outline appear when I hover over it with my mouse, but visually I can’t view it.

I’m wondering if it’s an issue I’m having with the Lottie file that I used for the menu burger, a z-index issue I’m not noticing, or something else entirely I’m not aware of? Any help is super appreciated, thanks everyone!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I can see it in editing mode. Try to refresh the page?

Well, that’s weird. I’ve refreshed the page, closed the tab, left the designer and came back from the dashboard, but every time it still looks like this…

I can hover and see that the element is there, but the content inside is visibly not?

And just restarted Chrome to see if it that was it, but wasn’t lol, I can still position the element but it’s such a minor frustration/inconvenience :sweat_smile:

Really weird… I’m also using Chrome on Mac, opened it now and it all looks good, I see the ham icon…

I’ve been on an iMac the entire time I’ve worked on this project, it hasn’t done this until just today, maybe it’s just a slight hiccup with something internal and will work itself out soon